Born in country NSW (my dad's country) I moved to Darwin (my mum's country) when I was a baby.


As a kid I loved swimming and walked around in the undies made by mum. I tried ballet for a day and walked off set because they wanted me to hold my gut in. On another random day I modeled some clothing. My most favourite thing was piling into the old landrover and heading out on a family holiday with the family dog, mum, dad and my brother. Travelling south to visit the grandparents we camped in random places like cemeteries and nature strips (anywhere that was free). I loved my grandies.


I still live in Darwin. I'm now married and a mother of two very awesome adult sons.  I have a dog, and a cat and although I love eating food I hate cooking...I love travelling but who doesn't!


Growing up my favourite TV shows were This Day Tonight and 60 Minutes, and my favourite movies were The Goonies and BMX Bandits. When editing photos I always have YouTube, Netflix or music playing in the background. 


I hate structure, uniforms and basically dislike formality. The most important thing to me is keeping it real. I love to save history, so my happy place is documenting people doing everyday things.